Immanuel Lutheran Preschool

At Immanuel, our goal is to provide early learning experiences that assist parents in nurturing the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of their young children. We believe this goal can be reached when children learn by doing - by hands-on, active experiences that are developmentally appropriate for young children. We further believe that children develop best when all experiences occur in an atmosphere of Christian love and respect.

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Tuition and Rates

Preschool, 3K and 4K Highlights

  • Referencing the High Scope curriculum allows for developmentally appropriate learning experiences

  • Daily outside play and exploration

  • Pre-math skills: counting, patterns, sorting

  • Pre-reading skills: letter and sound recognition

  • Development of fine motor skills through daily manipulative activities

  • Daily Bible story with connected activities, songs, and projects

  • Opportunities for the child to grow at their own pace through social interaction and cooperative learning in a structured, safe atmosphere

Enrichment Program Highlights

  • Available to all 3K, 4K, and 5K students to extend their learning, from 11:15am-3:15pm

  • Variety of additional learning opportunities: STEM, process art, music and movement, motor skill development, sensory material exploration, and additional focused skills practice for 5K students. 

  • Lunch time with peers

  • Foster deeper relationships between friends and teachers

  • Build a stronger connection to full day school

  • Additional outdoor time and exploration