The Word of God

  • The strength of our church lies in the Word of God, to which we give unyielding obedience. Our church's beauty is found in the message of Christ's pardoning grace. Under God's blessing, our church can be a source of spiritual blessing to every person.   
  • Our church is a Bible church. We accept all the books of the Bible as the Word of God. We do not follow reason, philosophy, tradition, or pious opinion, but boldly confess and follow the teachings of the Bible alone.  
  • Our church is a conservative church because it continues to hold the entire Bible as the revelation of God. In it, He has revealed Himself, His will and the only way to eternal life.  
  • Our church is an evangelical church because it holds very highly the injunction of our Lord to "preach the Gospel to every creature."  
  • Our church is one which favors good church music and wholehearted congregational singing. We do so because we have faith that wants to express itself in song.  
  • Our church is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) - so called because its founders began their work in Wisconsin. Today it is represented throughout the United States and in many other parts of the world.  
  • Our church believes that God has revealed Himself in the Holy Bible. In it can be found all that man needs to know for his spiritual and eternal welfare. It is a growing church and for this it gives all glory to God. 

Pastor Matt Swanson and his wife Kaylee.